Two papers in press!

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The kitchen has been busy: two papers are now in press. First, Marianna Linz’s paper on mixing in the stratosphere was just accepted by the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. We show how the vertical gradients in age allow us to quantify the exchange of air between the tropics and extratropics. Increased mixing leads to better baking, right? In this case, it’s very important for transporting ozone and water vapor through the stratosphere, two trace gases that impact us on the surface, protecting us from UV radiation and keeping us a bit warmer, respectively.

Then, our QBO Cookbook, led by Chaim Garfinkel, was accepted in JAMES. Following our simple recipe you too can cook up a QBO just like your grandmother used to make. More seriously, we are working to understand the processes that control the Quasi Biennial Oscillation in models, and how this connects to our understanding of the QBO in nature!