Atmospheric Variability and Change

The AVC group at the NYU investigates the role of atmospheric circulation and dynamics in a changing climate. We focus on a range of scales (from km sized gravity waves to global storm tracks) and methods. The unifying theme is a desire to understand the natural variability of our atmosphere and how it responds to external forcing. Understanding the atmospheric circulation is essential for narrowing uncertainty in regional climate change. When it comes to precipitation change over land, and hence water security, the answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

  • Madeleine Youngs is a NOAA Global and Climate Change fellow. She joined the group in August 2020 after completing her PhD at MIT with Glenn Flierl. Her research focuses on storm tracks in the oceans and atmosphere, bringing novel strategies from dynamical systems to bear on this classic problem.

  • Minah Yang joined the group in June 2021 after completing her PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado with Ian Grooms. She brings expertise in machine learning to the gravity wave parameterization problem.

  • Ofer Shamir joined the group in June 2021. He completed his PhD with Nathan Paldor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He brings a background in atmospheric dynamics and modeling to the DataWave gravity wave parameterization project.

Aaron Match joined the group in December 2021, after completing his thesis with Stephan Fueglistaler at Princeton. He brings particular expertise in dynamical and radiative processes in the atmosphere. Aaron is supported by an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and interested in topics in attribution and climate dynamics.

Graduate Students

  • Dave Connelly is a second year PhD student at NYU. He is interested using machine learning to represent the impact of un(der)resolved gravity waves in atmospheric models, and has explored the efficacy of regression tree approaches in particular.

Former Members

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

Doctoral Students

Masters Students

  • Megan Lytle (MS, 2016)

  • Ho Yeung Hung (MS, 2014)


  • Emma Knobloch (2021)

  • Dan Cao (2020)

  • Mihir Punji (2019)

  • Po Sheun (Portia) Chan (‘14)

  • Clement Chan (‘11)

  • Michael Hirsch (‘11)

  • Kelly Sielert (‘10)