Aman Gupta, Ph.D. StudentKevin DallaSanta, Ph.D. Student

Former Members

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

Doctoral Students

  • Naftali Cohen (PhD, 2014) investigated the overturning circulation of the stratosphere and interactions between the resolved circulation and parameterized gravity waves in atmospheric models. He’s since shifted in data science and is working in industry (JP Morgan Chase, last time I checked!)

  • Xichen Li (PhD, 2014) focused on teleconnections between the the tropical oceans and the circulation around Antarctica, with a particular focus on links between the tropical Atlantic and Admunsen Sea. He’s now at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing.

Masters Students

  • Megan Lytle (MS, 2016)

  • Ho Yeung Hung (MS, 2014)


  • Mihir Punji (‘19)

  • Po Sheun (Portia) Chan (‘14)

  • Clement Chan (‘11)

  • Michael Hirsch (‘11)

  • Kelly Sielert (‘10)