Three papers in press!

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While I was returning from summer travels, the journals went into overdrive and three papers were accepted and/or came out in press!

A second paper from Aman Gupta’s thesis work was accepted in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences: Numerical impacts on tracer transport: Diagnosing the influence of dynamical core formulation and resolution on stratospheric transport. We take a deep dive into the difference in trace gas transport between state-of-the-art atmospheric models, demonstrating that the numerical formulation of a model has a significant impact on it’s representation of transport.

The same day, Justin Finkel’s paper applying novel forecast metrics to a conceptual model of Sudden Stratospheric Warming events was accepted in Monthly Weather Review: Learning forecasts of rare stratospheric transitions from short simulations. Here we show how the “committor” and related lead time metrics provide a powerful description of rare events.

Finally, a week later Xichen Li’s review of the impact of the tropical oceans on Antarctica came out in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment:Tropical teleconnection impacts on Antarctic climate changes. This tour-de-force review explains how natural variability and trends in the tropical oceans have had profound impacts on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.