Um, what happened to me?

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I flatter myself to think you may have stopped by my webpage over the last year and half and wondered, what happened to Ed? No new papers? No research? Did he drop off the face of the Earth? Sort of. I was on sabbatical at Free University Berlin and Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich for an academic year!

It was an amazing experience. With the miracles of modern technology, er, Zoom, Slack, and email, research did happen (stay tuned)! Papers were published (and they did make it to the publications page)! In most ways, it wasn’t that much of a rest period (though I did have time to go running and hiking in many amazing places), and I did take a break from my website.

I’m back now. Well, have been for 3 months, but moving with a family was quite an operation. Ugh, there a still a few boxes in my office that need to get back to the apartment, but the website is back in business!