Virtual Presentations at EGU this April

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As my family and I cannibalize each other on our solitary descent into the abyss that is remote elementary education, intrepid collaborators will be hitting the virtual road to present at the vEGU this April! Check out these presentations:

EGU21-336: Nonlinear Interaction between the Drivers of the Monsoon and Summertime Stationary Waves, presented by Chaim Garfinkel in Session AS1.10 – The global monsoons in current, future and palaeoclimates and their role in extreme weather and climate events.

EGU21-1398: Machine Learning Emulation of Parameterized Gravity Wave Momentum Fluxes in an Atmospheric Global Climate Model, presented by Zac Espinosa in Session AS1.14 – Internal Gravity Waves.

EGU21-16323: Forecasting rare stratospheric transitions using short simulations, presented by Justin Finkel in Session NP2.1 – Nonlinear Multiscale and Stochastic Dynamics of the Earth System.