Two good papers just got better

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I am aware that things have been rather quiet on my blog in the last months. In addition to my new found profession as an elementary school teacher (alas, not a very good one, but our efforts to get the kids transferred to another class were fruitless), we’ve been hard at work on revisions. Some very detailed and careful reviews allowed us to make two good papers even better!

Numerical impacts on tracer transport: A proposed intercomparison test of Atmospheric General Circulation Models has been substantially restructured to more clearly present and motivate our experiments and results. It also includes more details on the inner workings of the dynamical cores, and how they relate to comprehensive AGCMs. An anonymous reviewer provided the most careful, detailed review that I have received in my career; he/she really went the extra 1.61 km to make our paper stronger.

Downward migration of the zonal-mean circulation in the tropical atmosphere now includes more detailed analysis of the dynamics driving these intriguing circulation anomalies in the tropical circulation. We also delve into the tricky subject of what it means to be “annular” in some new supplemental figures. We unfortunately had to jettison some interesting experiments with a dry dynamical core to fit the new analysis, but I do feel these would be better presented in a longer, follow up manuscript.

Great work Aman and Kevin!